Bryce Harper’s New Under Armour Commercial Is Filled With Over-The-Top Intensity

Reigning NL MVP Bryce Harper is, arguably, the best player in the game right now. And with such talent comes tons of attention—and plenty of money.

With a ridiculously massive deal with Under Armour at his disposal, the company released its new commercial featuring their biggest baseball star—which is filled with over-the-top intensity!

Harper, who’s on a self-proclaimed mission to “make baseball fun again,” is anything but in this ad, as he’s appears to have the stress level of an overworked McDonald’s employee who goes on a fucking rant about how he hates the damn place.

Here’s how Under Armour describes the theme behind the ad, via its press release:

It tells Harper’s story through the voice of his high school coach, Sam Thomas, pointing out the numbers that have put pressure on Harper throughout his career as we see Harper training in an empty ballpark among visual representations of those numbers frantically emerging all over—from seat numbers to scoreboards to section numbers. The spot ends on a shot of Bryce’s feet twisting on home plate, illustrating that in a sport dominated by numbers, Harper’s success is rooted not in stats, but in his foundation of skilled footwork in the batter’s box.

And here’s a look at Bryce’s Harper One cleats, displayed in the ad.

With Under Armour releasing some SICK versions of his customized cleats for the All-Star Game and paying homage to the unbelievable start to his MLB career, though, Harper will gladly play whatever role the company asks him to.

[H/T FOX Sports]