Bryce Young Discusses How He Will Make Up For Lack Of Size

NFL prospect Bryce Young

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

With just 5 days until this year’s NFL Draft, it seems pretty certain that Bryce Young is going to be the first overall pick.

While that is pretty widely regarded as the right pick, there is still one major issue that has some wondering how successful he will be at the next level.

That issue is his size. At the NFL Combine, he as listed as just 5’10” and 204 pounds.

Today, Young spoke to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and revealed how he plans to be able to overcome his lack of size.

“I think it’s a lot about anticipation, knowing where your guys are going be, and then knowing where the defense [will be],” Young said.

He also added, “…even when you can’t see, it’s knowing where people are going to be at based off of understanding the concept, understanding the defense you’re getting, and knowing what you have to account for and who you have to account for based off where you’re trying to throw.”

Young did a pretty good job of anticipating the game reading defenses during his time as the starting QB for Alabama.

Over the last 2 seasons, Young threw for more than 8000 yards and 79 touchdowns while facing some of college football’s toughest defenses in the SEC and won the Heisman as a sophomore.

Players like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray have shown that it is possible to put up big numbers as an undersized QB in the NFL.

There are also concerns about durability at Young’s size, but luckily for him, he is joining a franchise that allowed the league’s 11th least sacks last season with a top 10 rookie on the O-line.

Young also has the tools to not have to rely too much on his legs, which should help him avoid injuries.

Bryce Young will be carrying some big expectations as he enters the league, but Young and the Carolina panthers will be hoping these skills can carry them to some big wins.