NFL Fans Have Jokes After Panthers Tight End YEETS Bryce Young’s First Touchdown Ball Into Crowd

Hayden Hurst threw Bryce Young's first NFL Touchdown ball right into the crowd
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Bryce Young was the first-overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft after winning the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore at Alabama in 2021. Thus, his first anything on the professional level is a big deal.

Especially his first NFL touchdown. That accomplishment took place during the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Young took the snap from the shotgun on 2nd-and-goal from the opposing four-yard-line. He faked the handoff on the play-action and fired a laser out to the flat.

On the other end of the pass was Hayden Hurst, who was making his debut for the Panthers against his former team. The 30-year-old tight end turned up field and pushed his way past the defense for six.

To say that Hurst was a little fired up to score in front of his former fans would be an understatement. He immediately turned toward the sideline and YEETED the football into the crowd.

It will cost Hurst a fine of $7,649 for throwing a football into the crowd. But that isn’t even the problem.

That football was Young’s first NFL touchdown. Young probably would have liked to hang onto that ball. It belongs in a trophy case somewhere.

And even if, for some reason, Young didn’t want that ball — Carolina and the NFL most certainly do. The No. 1 overall pick’s first touchdown is a pretty big deal. Especially if he goes on to become one of the greats.

As a result of Hurst’s unknowing heave, a representative from the Panthers and/or from the league is presumably in the crowd right now to negotiate for the ball back from the lucky fan who was on the receiving end. Worst case scenario, it’s a Falcons fan who doesn’t care. Either way, if he or she is smart, he or she will set a high price!

In the meantime, NFL fans have all kinds of jokes about Bryce Young’s historic football.

What would you ask in exchange for the ball back?

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