Bryson DeChambeau Explained Why Every Kid Should Play From The Red Tees After Shooting A 58

Bryson DeChambeau celebrates winning the LIV Golf Greenbrier tournament

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Bryson DeChambeau set a LIV Golf record on Sunday. He shot a 58 at the LIV Golf Greenbrier, the lowest-ever score through 2 seasons of LIV.

This was the first time a golfer shot a 58 in a professional tournament since Jim Furyk did it in 2016 at the Travelers Championship. Bryson won the LIV Golf Greenbrier by 6 shots over Mito Pereira after going 61-58 on the weekend, one of the best stretches of competitive golf ever played.

Despite being 23-under himself, it wasn’t enough to carry his team to victory. The Crushers GC finished in 2nd at -46 while Torque GC won the Greenbrier at -49.

After becoming the first LIV Golfer to shoot sub-60 in a tournament, Bryson DeChambeau offered advice to young golfers. He discussed how playing from the red tees up close helped him to learn how to score low as a junior golfer. And how he was able to take those skills and combine it with distance.

Bryson DeChambeau’s full quote is:

“Yeah, so for any junior golfers out there, it’s probably the best thing you can do when trying to learn how to score. You go up to the red tees and try and shoot sub-60 rounds, for a good aspiring junior golfer that’s trying to be a professional golfer.

You just go to the front tees, try and shoot under 60. If you can do that and you consistently are able to do that every single round you play, get in that comfortable mind of, okay, I’m 10-, 11-, 12-under, let’s keep going, pedal to the metal, that gets you in a great mindset.

That tremendously helped today, being able to say, okay, I’m 10-under; well, I can’t stop. I’ve got to keep going. I’ve got to birdie 17, birdie 18, let’s go, and having that sort of — I’m not really going to say it in front of the media, like — Yeah, sort of the F-you mentality, like let’s go, let’s get it done. It’s something that led to me shooting 58 today.”

If Bryson DeChambeau’s advice is to play from the red tees then honestly, maybe we should listen to him. I typically play from the blues and am on the much longer side of the average golfer’s distance, but nowhere near the distance of Bryson and other pros.

I always say that what I’m missing is being locked in from 100 yards and playing from the red tees would force me to work on that part of my game. Am I actually going to heed Bryson Dechambeau’s advice and play from the red tees? Absolutely not. Is it fun to think about trying? Sure.

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