Bucs’ Jewish Owners May Have A Problem With Miko Grimes’ Racist, Anti-Semitic Remarks Directed At Dolphins

Miko Grimes and her big mouth may eventually cost her husband millions of dollars.

Early this morning, Miko went on a crazy rant ripping Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill and team owner Stephen Ross.






That last bit about “Jew buddies’ will probably not sit well with Grimes’ current employer, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

vIA Pro Football Talk

She may have already said too much. Whether Miko Grimes knows it or not, ownership of her husband’s current team also is Jewish. Family patriarch Malcolm Glazer’s parents were Lithuanian Jewish immigrants. Last year, Bryan Glazer gave $4 million to a Jewish Community Center in Tampa.

While the Glazers clearly want to win (as the revolving door in the head coach’s office confirms), they may decide that the distractions created by Miko Grimes already outweigh whatever value Brent Grimes can bring to the franchise

I feel bad for Brent, being married to Miko must be terrible.