Buffalo Bills Remove Damar Hamlin’s Number From ‘Hanging In Rafters’ On Team Ambulance

Damar Hamlin Buffalo Bills Ambulance Taylor Rapp
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It appears as though the Buffalo Bills removed Damar Hamlin’s number from the back of its team ambulance. The No. 3 decals that were prominently displayed on the windows earlier in the season were no longer there on Sunday.

Buffalo Bills Ambulance Damar Hamlin

Damen Harris suffered a scary injury during Week 6 against the New York Giants. He left the game on a backboard in the ambulance. Thankfully, the 26-year-old running back has since returned to action.

As Harris exited the field on Oct. 15, the NFL world took note of an unusual tribute to Damar Hamlin. His number was “hanging in the rafters” on the back of the medical vehicle.

Damar Hamlin Ambulance Number
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The decision to put Hamlin’s number and name on the ambulance created some division. There was a group of people, obviously including the team, who thought that it was a cool way to honor his resilience. Others found it to be strange.

Hamlin was diagnosed with commotio cordis after collapsing on the field during Monday Night Football last season. It was a terrifying moment that sent shockwaves across the entire globe, even beyond the football community. He is going to win comeback player of the year in 2023 and rightfully so.

However, Hamlin’s incident occurred in Cincinnati. It was a bit odd to pay tribute to him on the team ambulance in upstate New York. Especially while he was on the sidelines.

The Buffalo Bills must have heard the backlash.

Damar Hamlin’s number is no longer on the Buffalo Bills ambulance.

Safety Taylor Rapp made a funky tackle on Jets running back Breece Hall during the second quarter of Sunday’s game on CBS. After initially walking away from the collision, he stumbled and fell to the ground next to the sideline before rolling over and presenting with a fencing response.

Rapp was able to move his hands as he was taken off the field at Highmark Stadium in the ambulance with a neck injury. According to the broadcast, he never went to the hospital. Head coach Sean McDermott said after the game that he believed Rapp was at home, which is a great thing.

CBS cameras showed Rapp as he was loaded into the ambulance on a backboard. The windows looked different on Nov. 19 than they did (just over) one month prior.

Hamlin’s number and name are no longer there.

Damar Hamlin Buffalo Bills Ambulance Number

The windows are just windows.

Damar Hamlin Buffalo Bills Ambulance Number

By all accounts, it is the same ambulance.

Damar Hamlin Ambulance Number Tribute

Damar Hamlin’s name and number are no longer displayed on the windows.

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