A Burger King Employee Called 911 to Accuse Jameis Winston of Stealing Soda

by 4 years ago


TMZ has unearthed an emergency 911 recording that a Burger King assistant manager in Tallahassee made last summer. As the story goes, Jameis Winston and a couple of his friends were in the store horsing around, filling up ketchup cups with soda without paying for it. This apparently pushed this BK manager over the edge. She insisted the cops get there ASAP.

But let’s put this bad behavior in perspective. They were putting soda IN KETCHUP CUPS. Those things are barely even an ounce. Were they pretending like they were doing Diet Coke shots or something?

I think we need surveillance camera video of the incident, BK, so we can put ticky-tacky shit like this in perspective. Chances she called the cops simply by pulling the race card? Methinks it very high here.

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