Video Exists Of Giant BYU Recruit Motekiai Langi Playing ‘Football’ And You Must See It

Yesterday I expressed excitement over BYU’s signing of recruit Motekiai Langi, a 6-foot-7 mountain of a man who tips the scales at 410 pounds. After a brief search to find a sizzle reel for the enormous player, I accepted one didn’t exist.

Technically, I was wrong. I was just looking for the wrong thing.

Such footage does exist but it is eight-seconds long. Eight. And it’s not from an sanctioned football game.

It’s from, well, I won’t ruin it for you.

What the hell?

This guy’s like a giant version of Sidd Finch, only real.

Also, I see no way the Cougars’ gamble doesn’t work out. With a sample size like this, you can bet they feel confident he’ll be a major contributor.