C.J. Stroud Defends Reportedly Terrible S2 Test Scores

Quarterback CJ Stroud at the NFL Combine

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C.J. Stroud was drafted #2 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans last weekend.

Heading into the draft, there were reports that Stroud put forth an all-time terrible S2 test score, which is basically the replacement for the old Wonderlic test.

According to reports, C.J. Stroud scored in the 18th percentile in the S2 test. For comparison, Bryce Young scored a 98, Will Levis a 93, and Anthony Richardson a 79.

Speaking to Peter King for Football Morning in America, Stroud addressed his reported score, saying that his “film speaks for itself.”

“A lot of people haven’t played the sport, and I mean critics are gonna critique. For me I know the film speaks for itself. Everything that I’ve done in college, I’ve been very consistent. I think I’ve been one of the most consistent players in college football for the last two years. If you turn on the tape, you can see, you can answer the questions,” Stroud said.

“But those who don’t understand tape might want to go to other things and analyze other things. They’re more than welcome to do such. But the people who are making the choices and the picks, they knew what I can do. They understood the IQ that I do have.”

Texans fans certainly better hope his confidence translates to on-the-field success as the franchise, perhaps the worst-run in the league these days, is in desperate need of a franchise QB.

During his final season at Ohio State, the 21-year-old Stroud completed 66% of his passes for 3,688 yards, 41 touchdowns, and just six interceptions as he led the Ohio State Buckeyes to the College Football Playoffs.

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