You’re Not Stopping Calvin Johnson In ‘Madden 16’… And This Fan Video Proves It

by 3 years ago

The Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson is an absolute, fucking freak of athletic nature, as he’s capable of doing things that you or I could only dream of.

Standing 6’5″, weighing 235 pounds and STILL able to run a 4.3 40-yard dash, there’s a reason why the dude’s nickname is Megatraon—because he transforms himself into a beast while on the football field.

As dominant as Johnson is in real-life, the digital version of him is just as frustrating for anyone trying to shut him down, as this Madden 16 user found out when he legit put every player in his secondary on him in man-to-man coverage.

With the ball being tossed to Johnson with five defenders draped over him, guess who came down with the grab? Yeah, BEAST!

Take notice, gamers, if you’re trying to build a fucking dynasty in Madden this year, there’s still only one wideout who’s better than the rest—Megatron.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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