After A Year Long Suspension, Calvin Ridley Warns NFL Players To Stay Away From Gambling

Calvin Ridley

James Gilbert/Getty Image

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley opened up about his year-long suspension for betting on NFL games and offered advice to fellow players to stay away from gambling.

Ridley, who played for the Atlanta Falcons at the time, was banned indefinitely and for a minimum of one season after it was revealed that he had placed bets on games during a five-day period in November 2021 while he was away from the team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ front office took a calculated risk and acquired Ridley during last year’s trade deadline, hoping for his reinstatement for the 2023 season to strengthen their wide receiver group.

Ridley has had an impressive career so far, appearing in 49 regular season games and recording 248 receptions for 3,342 yards and 28 touchdowns with a 2nd-Team All-Pro selection.

Since Ridley’s suspension, a number of other players in the NFL have faced similar violations of the league’s betting policy.

In light of these incidents, Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson revealed that Ridley is willing to be a valuable resource for his Jacksonville teammates, helping them understand and comply with the NFL’s rules.

Ridley expressed his disappointment with how his colleagues didn’t perceive the severity of his situation, stating that he would have been concerned and cautious had he witnessed a fellow NFL player facing the same consequences. He believes that players need to understand the seriousness of the offense and the potential impact it can have on the integrity of the game.

Reflecting on his own experience, Ridley admitted that he didn’t fully grasp the severity of the situation until he was being interviewed during the investigation. He emphasized the importance of educating players and urging them to avoid gambling altogether, highlighting that it is not worth jeopardizing their careers and the integrity of the game.

Ridley acknowledged that some players have reached out to him seeking guidance, and he has taken it upon himself to educate them about the gravity of the matter.

Having been reinstated in March, Ridley now has the opportunity to resume his football career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, not all players who find themselves entangled in betting scandals will be fortunate enough to receive a second chance like Ridley.

His suspension and subsequent reinstatement serve as a stark reminder to NFL players about the severe consequences of engaging in gambling activities and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the sport.

As the NFL continues to address issues related to gambling and enforce its betting policy, players like Calvin Ridley are crucial in spreading awareness about the seriousness of these violations and helping their peers make informed decisions.

With his personal experience and willingness to educate others, Ridley hopes to prevent fellow players from making the same mistakes and suffering the consequences that he faced.