Twitter LIT UP Cam Newton For Coming To Game Looking Like He Was Ready For An Ugly Hat Themed 4th Of July Party

Today’s a great day, guys, because the NFL is finally back (sort of), as preseason play kicks off tonight with a slew of contests. One of those games is between the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens, which means reigning league MVP was set to make an appearance—and boy did he ever.

Seen walking from the team bus to the visitor’s locker room, Cam looked as if he was dressed for a fucking 4th of July party wearing Pharrell Williams’ giant hat.

Since the Internet is a beautiful place, you know the reaction was legendary.

No clue what Newton’s trying to do here—or with any of the other strange styles he has put on display in the past. Like, there’s no way in hell the dude wakes up, looks in the mirror and says, “yep, THIS looks good for millions of people to see.” Guess this is the first C’MON MAN! of the year.

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