Cam Newton Responds To Shannon Sharpe’s Harsh Criticism Of Comeback Announcement

Cam Newton

Getty Image / Jared C. Tilton

Cam Newton recently announced that he’s attempting another comeback as he’ll be working out at the Auburn Pro Day.

The former Carolina Panther received some harsh criticism from Shannon Sharpe and now Newton Responds.

Sharpe didn’t hold back whatsoever during his segment on First Take. Here he is going off on Cam Newton’s comeback attempt.

However, the former MVP quarterback was quick to respond. But rather than firing back with venom, New chose the high road. In his crazy font and all.

Perhaps Newton could make some noise if he’s given a full offseason to work with a team. Even so, it’s kind of hard to imagine he earns a starting job at this point in his career.

Regardless, there are certainly a number of quarterbacks that Cam Newton is better than. However, most of those roles would peg him as a backup.

The Pat McAfee Show discusses the possibility of Newton playing in a backup role. As they point out, being backup might not be in his DNA.

Look for updates regarding Cam Newton. If he ends up impressing at Auburn’s Pro day, then a team could take a chance on him.