Cam Newton Being Sued For $270K By Stacy Keibler’s Husband For Allegedly Wrecking A $11 Million House He Rented

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is being sued for more than $270,000 over damages allegedly caused while Newton rented an $11 million home in Beverly Hills back in March.

According to TMZ, Newton is being sued by Stacy Keibler’s husband, Jared Pobre, who manages the company that leased the house to Newton for 61 days at $123,000 back. The house was rented to Newton with the stipulations that there would be no parties and no more than eight guests in the house at any time.

Problem is … the housekeeper snitched — telling the rental company Newton had been throwing multiple parties and leaving cigarette ashes all over the house.

In the suit, Pobre says his company warned Newton to cut out the funny business — and Cam responded by telling the housekeeper to quit diming him out.

When Newton moved out, Pobre says the house had been trashed — he broke an expensive fridge, caused water damage to the floors, ruined linens and worst of all … destroyed a fancy $32,000 rug.

Pobre says they went after Cam for the damages — $90,324.47 — but he never paid.

Pobre says home repairs took more than 2 months to complete — so he wants Cam to fork over an additional $180k in lost rent … totaling $270,324.47 … plus legal fees!

Now we’d expect this sort of thing out of a quarterback like, say, Johnny Manziel, but Cam? C’mon now.

For his part, neither Newton, nor his reps have yet to issue a comment on the matter. Stay tuned.


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