Carli Lloyd Rips USWNT Over Lack Of Respect, Entitlement Issues That Led To Early World Cup Exit

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Former US women’s soccer star Carli Lloyd continues to be critical of this year’s USWNT team.

Last week, Lloyd slammed the team for dancing on the field and celebrating after a subpar performance 0-0 tie against Portugal.

“There’s a difference between being respectful of the fans and being ‘hello’ to your family. But to be dancing? To be smiling? I mean, the player of the match was that post. You are lucky not to be going home right now,”

After the USWNT was booted from the World Cup following a loss to Sweden, Lloyd ripped the team over the lack of respect for some of the staff members while criticizing the team’s culture during a podcast appearance.

“I think when I first got onto the team, there was just a level of respect for everybody there,” Lloyd said, “for coaches, for other players, for support staff. You know, massages, trainers, doctors. And as the years have kind of gone by — it’s little stuff, but it kind of amounts to big things — and ultimately affects on the field.”

Lloyd went into detail on some of culture issues that she felt led to the demise of the USWNT.

“If you’ve got a massage, let’s say for example,” “Your name’s signed up on a certain time, and you decide to not show up. You decide to not text the massage therapist or tell them, ‘Hey, I’m running a few minutes late.’ They’re just sitting there and they have to just sit there, and they have to kind of swallow that and not really say anything to the player that’s done that.”

“There’s just things like that. It’s like, trash around the field. It’s throwing your warmup and expecting the equipment guy. There a level of — not everybody — but there’s a level of just kind of the entitlement of, ‘Everybody’s gonna do everything for you,’ and just not being respectful of others.”

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