Carlos Gomez Steals Home Run on Final Out of Game With Sick Leaping Grab

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Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez took a home run away from Joey Votto to secure a 4-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds last night. Everyone in the ballpark – including Votto and pitcher Francisco Rodriguez thought it was a go-ahead homer. They were wrong.

Gomez, who plays the game with a certain level of panache, milked the moment for all it was worth.

When Gomez landed from his perfectly-timed leap, he screamed in exhilaration, dropped to a knee and performed the sign of the cross, his standard post-win routine.

What he did not do was show the baseball. So Votto, nearly at second base by this time, demanded to see it.

“I said, 'Here's the ball right here, what do you want?'” Gomez said later at his locker, his cell phone buzzing away with congratulatory messages.

Then he laughed.


[H/T: MLB]