Carlos Quentin Charges Mound, Breaks Zack Greinke’s Collarbone in All-Out Brawl

Greinke, who signed a giant contract with the Dodgers this offseason, fractured his collarbone in the fracas.

That wasn’t the end of it.

It simmered throughout the postgame comments and spilled into the service tunnel as the Dodgers were about to walk through the Padres players' parking lot to board their buses for the airport an hour after this strange and volatile game ended.

In the tunnel is where Matt Kemp and Quentin met in a tense, face-to-face confrontation, Kemp asking Quentin why he'd charge the mound, Quentin saying his head was thrown at. Quentin started pointing, Kemp warned Quentin to stop and at that point the pair was separated by teammates and friends. Hanley Ramirez first intervened, then Clayton Kershaw grabbed Kemp from going back for more, while Clayton Richard was backing up Quentin.

Quentin’s decision to charge the mound after being hit with a 3-2 pitch in a one-run game was, at best, very puzzling.

“I hear he went to Stanford,” Kemp said of Quentin. “People with good baseball IQs, with a one-run lead in the sixth inning and a 3-2 pitch. I've heard smart people go to Stanford, but that wasn't too smart.”

Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis claimed Padre players were apologizing mid-brawl for Quentin’s actions while manager Don Mattingly said Quentin should be suspended until Greinke is healthy enough to pitch again.

We know one guy who's happy about all this. 

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