New York Strip Club Offers Carmelo Anthony Free Lap Dances for Life if He Stays With the Knicks

All signs point to Carmelo Anthony returning to the New York Knicks, the franchise which can offer the biggest contract. But in this age of high-profile free agency, every chip sweetens the pot.

In an attempt to help the hometown team and for no other reason, the strip club Scores has offered Anthony free lap dances for life should he stay put.

It’s all part of the establishment’s Melo package, a never-to-be-utilized offer including:

— Free lap dances for life.
— Judging  the “Dollars For Scholars” amateur pole dancing competition (15,000 scholarship in his name to the winner.)
— A new drink called “The Melo Carmelo” to be served in the club forever.
— His own personal ball girl and cheerleading squad for every Knicks game that would only cheer for Carmelo.
— A topless charity basketball game in his honor (in which he could play) … “where holding is not a foul.”

/Applies for media credentials to cover the first annual Carmelo Anthony topless charity game.

Yeah, LaLa probably won’t be signing off on this one.

[H/T: TMZ]