The Carolina Panthers Quarterback Room Has An Unreal List Of Questionable Decisions

The Carolina Panthers QB Room Has An Unreal List Of Question Marks

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  • The Carolina Panthers finally made a trade for a QB — Baker Mayfield.
  • The QB room in Carolina is awfully crowded.
  • However, the group of signal-callers is not all that exciting.

The Carolina Panthers have finally ended a long, ongoing rumor mill of Baker Mayfield trade talk. The Cleveland Browns sent Mayfield to Carolina for a future draft pick and are prepared to roll him out as the starting quarterback.

However, a new report states that Mayfield and Sam Darnold will enter training camp in a QB battle.

So, there’s that.

The Panthers QB Room Has Had Its Fair Share Of Struggles

Suddenly, the Panthers’ QB room includes the following: P.J. Walker, Sam Darnold, Matt Corral, and Baker Mayfield.

That is a lot of muddled talent and rookie Matt Corral, who was expected to compete with Darnold for the starting gig.

How bad is this collective QB room? Well, let’s look. This one Tweet basically sums it all up.


The Panthers also brought back Cam Newton last season, and that was a massive failure. Let’s not forget the ridiculous contract they gave to Teddy Bridgewater, who they later traded to the Denver Broncos after the Panthers acquired Darnold from the New York Jets.

Just a massive, massive yikes.

The Panthers’ recent QB success has been brutal, and now they are bringing in Mayfield to the fold in hopes of fixing the issues. But, at least to the latest report, Darnold and Mayfield will duel it out in camp.