Carolina Panthers Reportedly See Something Special In One Top Prospect

Carolina Panthers owner

Getty Image / David Jensen

Over the course of the NFL’s pre-draft process, there have been some pretty big changes to the pecking order at quarterback.

Grades are all over the place on Anthony Richardson and Will Levis.

Hendon Hooker has somehow snuck into the top 4 QB conversation.

Most importantly, Bryce Young and CJ Stroud have taken turns as the projected top pick in the draft.

Young opened as the betting favorite to be selected 1st, but Stroud replaced him when the Carolina Panthers traded up for pick 1.

Yesterday, Young moved back into that top spot.

Today, ESPN’s Albert Breer may have revealed why.

While discussing the idea of the Panthers trading back to pick up some more draft capital, Breer reported that they see something special in Bryce Young.

“I really think the Panthers see something pretty special in Young, just based on some things I’ve heard. I think they also know even if someone came up to get Stroud, they’d then lose Young to Houston.”

The Panthers trading back after giving up so much to get pick 1 just never made much sense. Anybody who would be trading up for the pick would be doing so to take a QB, which could mean that they gave up multiple 1sts and DJ Moore just to not address their QB issues anyway.

Who the top QB in this draft should be is something that has been debated since the start of the 2022 college football season. Young came out of the season ahead and now appears to be gaining some steam again.

The Panthers reportedly aren’t going to be ready to make their decision until next week, but it sure sounds like they are leaning in one direction.

Stroud may need to really impress the Carolina Panthers during next week’s meeting with the team or he could be looking at being the 2nd QB off the board.