Carolina Hurricanes Troll NJ Devils After Series Win By Duping Jersey Celebs On Cameo

Carolina Panthers game winning celebration

Getty Image / Jaylynn Nash

The Carolina Hurricanes sent the New Jersey Devils golfing after winning Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to secure a 4-1 series win.

It’s a tough shake for the Devils who finished 2nd in the Metropolitan Division and had the third-highest points total in the NHL‘s regular season.

After losing Game 5 in overtime following a Jesper Fast goal, the Carolina Hurricanes proceeded to twist the knife in the side of the New Jersey Devils. The social media admin for the Hurricanes released a devastating video.

Using Cameo, the service where anyone can pay celebrities to read messages of congratulations and encouragement, the Hurricanes got some of the most famous New Jersey celebrities (and Devils fans) to congratulate ‘Carolina’ on the series win.

The list of celebs included a lot of faces from The Sopranos. Including, but not limited to, Vincent Curatola who played Johnny ‘Sack’ Sacramoni, Federico Castelluccio who played Furio, and of course, there was Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino.

Clearly, some of these celebs had no idea they were talking to *THE* Carolina Hurricanes. Pronouncing it ‘Carolina’ like the name instead of the state, it was obvious. But shout out to Johnny Sack for quoting Petey Pablo. That’s going above and beyond.

Hurricanes fans were floored upon seeing this video. They reacted in kind on Twitter, writing:

They got duped…

Some respect to the Carolina Hurricanes was shown via Devils fans:

Is it?

Truly, this is upper echelon trolling:

The Carolina Hurricanes now await the winner of the Leafs-Panthers series in the Eastern Conference Finals.