Cavinder Twins Dazzle In Must-See Dresses In Latest Viral Instagram Post

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If you don’t know the names of twins Hanna and Haley Cavinder already, you might want to get to know them.

The duo are social media superstars, with over 4.5 million TikTok followers and an addition 280,000 on Instagram.

They built their following on TikTok during the pandemic, and their popularity only continued to grow thanks to their college basketball exploits.

Both twins began their college careers at Fresno State before transferring to Miami. They helped lead the Hurricanes to their first ever elite eight while continuing to build their brand.

But that was just the start. Since announcing their decision to forgo their final year of college eligibility, the twins have taken up a slew of new business ventures.

They signed on to Jake Paul’s gambling company, Betr, where they’ll host a podcast in addition to other responsibilities. Additionally, they’re pursuing careers in WWE where they’re hoping to recreate the success of the Bella twins.

“You see it on TV, and it’s amazing. Then you get here, see the roots of it, all the physicality and skills you have to have behind it,” Hanna said of the pro wrestling company. “It embodies the entertainment side we like to showcase. It’s cool to tie us and WWE. We’re very interested in that.”

But the duo isn’t looking too far ahead when it comes to their wrestling careers.

“I don’t think we’ve talked about a timeline,” Haley said in the same interview. “…We’re going where our feet are, understanding, getting more into it, and seeing where it takes us.”

For now, it’s taken them back to Instagram where they again went viral on Saturday.

The pair posted pics in must-see dresses with the simple caption: “she like me fr.” Which is fitting because, y’know, twins.

In just a matter of hours the post picked up thousands of likes. It just goes to show the star power than the two have already, and this is only just the beginning.