Cavinder Twins Talk About Handling NIL Fame, Keeping Fans Engaged In SI Swim Feature

The Cavinder twins get ready for a Miami basketball game.

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The University of Miami’s Cavinder twins have become NIL sensations. The sisters have a social media following of more than 4.5 million fans, which they’ve been able to monetize through major marketing and sponsorship deals.

Some of the companies worked with in the past include Venmo, Boost Mobile, WWE, and LifeWallet. The twins have used that to earn more than $1 million in NIL deals since it became legal at the college level.

According to On3 Sports, the pair ranks fourth and fifth among female athletes with an NIL valuation of $832,000. That valuation is an estimate of “the overall NIL market and projected 12-month growth rate by measuring two categories, Brand Value Index and Roster Value Index.” It takes into account both influence and performance in your sport.

The exposure that the Cavinder twins receive is undeniable, and their play on the court for the Miami women’s basketball team isn’t too shabby either. Haley leads the team in scoring at 12.9 points per game while her sister, Hanna, averages 4.0 points a night.

The Hurricanes are 19-12 on the year.

The two did fall into a bit of hot water earlier this year after an investigation into their move to South Beach. They reacted by asking the NCAA if they were “scared that female athletes have value.”

The Cavinder twins didn’t let that hold them down too long, and they’ve since continued to put out content on their Instagram and TikTok platforms.


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One of the most popular was titled “A Day in the Life,” which follows the sisters around campus on an off day.

In a recent interview with SI Swim, the sisters dove into a few different things, including how to continuously come up with content to keep their viewers engaged. They also went in-depth on their NIL success and the inspirations that helped them get here.

“We hold each other accountable, we know what our priorities are. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, we are busy 24/7. If we’re not doing school or basketball, NIL is next.”

While it’s certainly time consuming, the twins find it’s easier to work with brands that they believe in.

“Haley and I definitely have the same approach to it. Being able to work with brands that we truly believe in and represent, like Champps, WWE, LifeWallet, Cigarette Racing. We just are very similar in that aspect.”

Partnering with brands is just one aspect of their NIL responsibility, though. They also have to find creative ways to continue marketing these partners to the public.

When asked about their style and approach to social media influencing, the Cavinder twins said the following.

“You have to be true to who you are and you can’t change the opinions that people have of you, so don’t try to. Everybody will always have assumptions or opinions of you. If you are trying to change them or you get mad about them, it’s just gonna waste your energy.

“Do things for yourself and at the end of the day, you’ll live with no regrets. Just believe in yourself and continue to work hard because no matter what, your work ethic will teach you so many things in life.”

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The twins are wrapping up their senior year at Miami. It will be interesting to see where their careers go from here.