Here’s Video Proof Cesaro Is The Strongest Son Of A Bitch In The WWE, Possibly On The Planet

We’ve highlighted and ogled over the shear strength of WWE Superstar Cesaro, the “Swiss Superman”, on this website before. We got all tight in the pants when he clean and jerked over 300 pounds and swooned when he tossed up 500 pounds on his first ever sumo dead lift.

However, while still impressive, both of those feats of strength pale in comparison to what Cesaro did last night on Smackdown in a tag team match against New Day. Watch Cesaro pick up an over 300 pound Big E. Langston and toss him around like a bag of laundry.

Jesus Christus! That’s German for Jesus Christ. German is the language of Switz…nevermind..I’ll stick to English.

JESUS CHRIST! That’s some sick natural strength. And it’s not as if Big E. is assisting him in any way, he’s just dead-bodying it like “go ahead, have your way with me, it beats this clapping bullshit.”

I asked our resident lifting guru, Joe Pietaro, about this move and asked him “just how hard is that to pull off?” He answered — “Picking up an opponent weighing over 300 pounds from the floor was a perfect execution of a deadlift and Cesaro then pulled off a power clean-type move by flipping him overhead. It is one thing to pick up a barbell loaded with plates and doing this, but the difficulty level increases when you are talking about dead weight in the form of a human body. Cesaro is strong as shit to handle a man that size in the manner that he did. “

Cesaro has to be the strongest athlete in the WWE, right? If anything, he at least needs his own officially licensed shirt that says “Cesaro: Strong As Shit.”

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