Chargers Fans Rip HC Brandon Staley To Shreds For Calling Timeout When It Appeared The Raiders Were Playing For Tie

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The Las Vegas Raiders seemed like they were getting ready to play for a tie that would have sent both the Chargers and the Raiders to the playoffs, but Chargers head coach Brandon Staley had other ideas, and it appeared to cost him.

With the Raiders facing a 3rd-and-4 on the 40-yard line with 38 seconds left to go in the game, the Chargers decided to call a timeout for whatever reason.

The Raiders would run the ball on the next play for a first down which led to a game-winning field goal moments later.

After the game, QB Derek Carr admitted that the Chargers calling timeout changed the Raiders strategy.

Another video appeared to show a Raiders player admitting that the Raiders were going to let the clock run out before the Chargers’ timeout.

Fans blasted Staley for calling the timeout after the game.

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