Charles Barkley Still Doesn’t Believe In The Golden State Warriors, Trolls Them On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

You’ve got to love the great country of the United States for things like heavy beer, beef jerky and girls in American Flag bikinis, but you’ve also got to love the fact that the First Amendment exists, allowing people like Charles Barkley to say whatever in the fuck he pleases without too much consequence.

The basketball Hall of Famer—who, in the past, has said he doesn’t believe an NBA team that’s so reliant on making jump shots can win a championship—took aim at, well, that exact subject again, as he said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that the 56-6 Golden State Warriors will not repeat as NBA champs this season.

Per CBS, here are the Chucksters words:

“They have a terrific team and they’ve been great for the NBA…I’m telling you right now, they’re not going to win the NBA Championship this year.”

Now, as mentioned, Barkley made the same proclamation last season and was proven wrong when the Dubs’ beat the Cleveland Cavs in six games to take home the title, even sending Sir Charles a reminder of how wrong he was with a personalized shirt.

Golden State has won 45 consecutive home games, have the most lethal shooter in NBA history, haven’t shown anything for anyone to suggest they won’t repeat and are showing that, when the haters come out, they play their best, so the rest of the league might want to be on notice now that Barkley opened his mouth again.

[H/T Fox Sports]