Charles Barkley Says He’s Rooting Against ‘Pain In The Ass’ Warriors Fans ‘I Want To See These People Suffer’

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Charles Barkley is continuing his beef with Golden State Warriors fans during the playoffs.

Earlier this week, Barkley, who is on location covering the Western Conference finals in San Francisco, was caught on video telling a group of heckling Warriors fans that he would sleep with their moms if they wouldn’t leave him alone.

Before game 2 of the Warriors-Mavs on Friday night, Barkley openly said he was rooting for the Mavs to win the series because he actively hates the Warriors fanbase.

“I don’t think they’re the best team, I just cannot pick with the Warriors because I hate their fans. Their fans are obnoxious. I actually like the players on the team and the coaches but I hate their fans. I’m rooting for the Mavs… I want to see these people suffer. I want to see these losers suck.

I’m pulling for the Mavs because I’m rooting against these Warriors fans. They’re obnoxious and they’re a pain in the ass.”