College Of Charleston Bettors Suffer Unbelievable Bad Beat In NCAA Tournament

College of Charleston at the NCAA Tournament

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

It didn’t take long for college basketball fans to be treated to their first matchup between mid-majors during this year’s NCAA Tournament.

5-seed San Diego State met 12-seed College of Charleston in a battle between the Mountain West’s champions and the CAA’s champion.

The game was expected to be a clash of styles, with Charleston boasting one of the country’s best offense and San Diego State having one of its stingiest defenses.

That contrast led to a very competitive matchup that went right down to the wire.

It was San Diego State who held a lead for most of the second half, but they were never able to extend it beyond 8.

Late in the game, Charleston made a push to tie the game with 3:27 remaining. SDSU extended the lead back out to 5 with 1;44 left, but the Cougars answered with a pair of red throws to keep the door open.

On the ensuing Aztec possession, Charleston looked like they were able to get a big stop when Matt Bradley missed a 3 late in the shot clock, but Jaylon Scott was whistled for a questionable foul on the play.

Bradley hit 2 of the 3 free throws. Charleston went the other way and quickly got the points back with a layup before fouling to extend the game.

When Adam Seiko missed one of the ensuing free throws, Charleston +4.5 bettors had to be feeling good.

Unfortunately the Cougars were unable to score again, but didn’t immediately try to foul when San Diego State grabbed the defensive rebound.

Then an official decided to blow the whistle with 0.7 seconds remaining. Micah Parish hit both free throws to even sink bettors who bet Charleston +5.5.

This one definitely hurts for anybody who bet Charleston today especially since it was a foul that really didn’t need to be called.

The players had already been tied up for a few seconds and the clock was just about to expire.

Unfortunately, it seems the wrong impressive mid-major got the cover in this matchup in the NCAA Tournament Round of 64.