A Very Slurry Charlie Sheen Took Cleveland’s Loss Like A True #WINNER, Tearing It Up At A Club After The Game

As anyone who watched the game knows by now, Charlie Sheen, aka Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn was in the house for Game 7 of the World Series.

Sadly, the Indians didn’t so what everyone on the planet wanted and let Sheen throw out the first pitch as Ricky Vaughn. So, who knows, maybe Sheen was right when he tweeted his displeasure, suggesting that he would have been the good luck charm they needed to finally end their World Series drought.

Alas, despite their best efforts, the Indians still came up just short. So, the question is, would something as devastating as that make a guy with tiger blood in his veins hang his head and slink away in defeat?

Hell no, not when you are #WINNING in life like one Charlie Sheen.

Note: Chuck appears to be a but “slurry” at this point in the videos so you know that the party was already well under way.



Never change, Charlie, never change.

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