NASCAR Drivers Denny Hamlin And Chase Elliott React To Ross Chastain Punching Noah Gragson In The Face

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NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain is one of the sports best up and coming drivers.

But Chastain is also one of the sport’s most controversial drivers as well.

In the past year alone, Chastain has seemingly feuded with nearly half of the drivers in the entire series.

But two, in particular, stand out: Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott.

Hamlin and Elliott’s beef with Chastain goes back to a race in St. Louis in 2022 when Chastain accidentally wrecked both drivers (3:50 mark of the video again).

Chastain apologized for the incidents and both attempted to get revenge. But that was far from the last of it. Their feuds continued as the season progressed, with Hamlin attempting to get Chastain back at Pocono and Chastain getting into an incident with Elliott at the championship race in Phoenix.

It appeared that was that following the completion of the 2022 season. But that was not the case.

Chastain again got into the Hamlin at the preseason Clash at the Coliseum. Then Hamlin later repaid the favor by taking out Chastain in a late-race incident in Phoenix.

“It wasn’t a mistake. I let the wheel go, and I said, “He’s coming with me,” Hamlin said of the crash. “…I saw that we were the only people up top, so I said I’m gonna send him in the fence and door him. Now my dumb ass got caught up in it because I got pinned. He was between me and the wall, and then so I got all screwed up, and then I lost a bunch of positions for my team, which was stupid as (expletive). But at the time, I’m like, I’m gonna finish in the mid-teens anyway because my car’s just plowing here, and I’m about to get ate up by all these (other drivers on) new tires. I just was like, if I’m gonna give this guy a hard time, this is going to be then.”

That appeared to finally settle their score and Hamlin was fined and penalized for the incident.

But over the weekend, Chastain found himself in even more trouble. This time, it came after a run-in with rookie driver Noah Gragson.

Following the race, Gragson approached Chastain and grabbed him by the shirt, which led to Chastain throwing a punch.

Officials then broke up the would-be fight, but Elliott and Hamlin had plenty to say about.

“Somebody’s got to do it,” Elliott was heard saying to Gragson after the scuffle.

Hamlin, meanwhile, found the whole ordeal a bit more humorous.

“He told him to stop,” Hamlin said smiling, noting that Chastain warned Gragson before throwing a punch.

NASCAR fans appear split on the incident. But one is certain, Chastain isn’t making any more friends.