Check Out Cristiano Ronaldo’s DEATH STARE When An Opposing Player Asked For A Photo Together

Protip: Cristiano Ronaldo DOES NOT want to take a photo with you after missing the penalty kick that would have given his Real Madrid team a win instead of a draw against your scrub squad. His reaction will be the polar opposite of the one pictured above.

That’s a “fuck you” look if I’ve ever seen one.

The player in question who asked for a photo with CR7 was Malaga’s Raul Albentosa. Obviously, the Portuguese star was none-too-thrilled about the remark, as he threw some major shade with that look and went on his merry way.

Lighten up, Cristiano. You’re making north of $21 million this year from Real Madrid alone, bro.

That’s something to smile about, no?

[h/t 101 Great Goals]