Cheerleader Takes Out Soccer Captain With Vicious Tackle

Soccer players have a bad reputation for flopping, and I’m sure Dzmitry Likhtarovich wishes he was fake flopping instead of actually getting plowed over by a dainty cheerleader.

Likhtarovich is the captain of FC BATE Borisov (For now) when a cheerleader sneaked up from behind and truck sticked him at a Belarusian Premier League game. The ref had a perfect angle of the aggressive slide tackle that looked pretty intentional, so I have no idea how he didn’t hit her with a red card, or at the very least a yellow.

Now I’m sure that Likhtarovich’s teammates were absolutely sympathetic to his feelings. And I’m sure that they won’t constantly tease and remind him for all eternity of the time he got obliterated by a 109-pound cheerleader.

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