Cheez-It Made The Ultimate NIL Move For Bowl Season

Cheez-It Bowl hotel room


It’s just about to be college football bowl season and that means it’s just about time for Cheez-It to re-establish themselves as the nation’s most committed bowl sponsor. During bowl season, there is no brand that commits making their event special like Cheez-It.

Over the years, they have taken major steps to make the most of their event. They have created food items specifically for the game in the past and the Cheez-It walking taco was awesome. They have given out more Cheez-Its than any fan would possibly know what to do with.

Now they are once again diving in for bowl season. Today, they announced that 4 players competing in this year’s Cheez-It Bowl and Cheez-It Citrus Bowl would get the chance to stay in the “Feelin’ the Cheeziest” hotel rooms before the game.

They also announced that fans will have the chance to earn a cheezy experience of their own. Fans who attend the Cheez-It Bowl pep rallies will have the chance to stay in a replica of these hotel rooms on the field at Camping World Stadium and watch the game from the replica room.

The rooms may look a bit over the top, but this is an awesome move from Cheez-It as they continue to maximize their opportunities during bowl season.

This will be an unforgettable moment in the lives of whoever the fans are that end up getting to watch a bowl game from the Cheeziest seat in the house.