Chelsea F.C. Fan Gets Enormous John Terry Tattoo And I Would’ve Advised Him From Doing That

John Terry is one of the best soccer players that esteemed EPL team Chelsea F.C. has ever seen, captaining The Blues and seeing great success with the club, so it’s understood when a fan across the pond finds a way to adore the guy.

I’m not so sure that this massive tattoo piece is the right way, though, as some fan just got Terry’s face, and an action shot inked up on one of his calves, followed by hands wrapped around a Chelsea crest on the other one.

As much as I want to think this is sick, I honestly don’t know what my reaction should be, because, while cool and detailed, I just can’t imagine having another man’s face on my leg for the rest of my life.

Oh well, with Terry set for a split from London, I guess the fan decided permanent ink was the right way to pay tribute.

[H/T Twitter]

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