Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Outfit Causes Major Stir At Montreal Grand Prix

Gracie Hunt

Jason Hanna/Getty Image

Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt has once again captured the attention of NFL fans with her recent social media post, proudly displaying her team’s colors at the Montreal Grand Prix.

The daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt took to Instagram to pay tribute to her father and share her experience at the prestigious racing event with her 366,000 followers.

Gracie Hunt, who also boasts nearly 100,000 TikTok followers, delighted fans by showcasing her attendance at the Montreal race over the weekend. In a series of captivating photos, she documented her time at the event, including special backstage access and memorable moments with her father.

The Instagram post featured a collage of pictures, where Gracie stood alongside her father, expressing her gratitude for his presence on Father’s Day.

She wrote an emotional tribute that resonated with her followers: “Father’s Day Pit Stop F1. Grateful to spend the weekend with Clark Hunt. Love you lots and so blessed to call you Dad! Thank you, Mercedes Benz, for your incredible hospitality!”

Earlier in the week, Gracie had the opportunity to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl championship at the team’s ring gala.

Sharing the experience online, she captivated her followers by donning a stunning silky red dress, complemented by a vintage car adorned with Chiefs logos. The gala served as a testament to the Chiefs’ success, and Gracie made sure to honor the occasion in style.

While juggling her responsibilities as a member of the Hunt family, who help run the Chiefs organization, Gracie is also pursuing a master’s degree in sports management at the University of Kansas.

Her dedication to the sport and her family’s legacy is evident, as she actively seeks to strengthen her ties with the NFL. Gracie has previously expressed her ambition to become the league’s first-ever female commissioner, showcasing her aspirations to leave a lasting impact on the sport and its administration.