Chiefs O-Lineman Has Real Life ‘Madden Glitch’ When Patrick Mahomes Accidentally Throws Him A Pass

Chiefs offensive lineman Donovan Smith at the line of scrimmage before a play.

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A Chiefs offensive lineman was caught in a hilarious moment of confusion after being accidentally thrown a pass by Patrick Mahomes. After hauling in the reception, the big man immediately froze, not knowing what to do with the ball in his hands.

Video clips of the play are now circulating social media as Donovan Smith goes viral.

The moment of hilarity came during a matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. After taking a first quarter snap, Mahomes dropped back to scan the field for a target.

Jacksonville’s pass rush quickly got to the Kansas City signal caller, leading Mahomes to move around the pocket to avoid defenders. As the defensive line closed in, the passer hurried to find an open man.

And find one, he did.

All alone at the line of scrimmage was big No. 79, Donovan Smith. The Chiefs’ offensive lineman is hard to miss standing 6-foot-6 and tipping the scales at nearly 340 pounds.

Smith hauled in the short pass, displaying some nice hands on the reception. He then appeared to lose all motor function with the ball in his possession.

Unfortunately, the catch by the offensive lineman resulted in a Chiefs penalty. The front five isn’t allowed to be the first to touch a forward pass, which is likely the reason for Smith’s surprised reaction on the field.

Still, NFL fans had a fun time with the comical moment on social media.

“My bad, my controller died,” one follower wrote.

“His brain glitched,” someone else commented.

“Bro was like, ‘What am I supposed to do with this?'” another person said.

Too funny.