ChiefsAholic Finally Arrested; Allegedly Robbed Banks, Laundered Money


Sam Greenwood/Getty Image


Kansas City Chiefs superfan “ChiefsAholic” was indicted by a federal grand jury for robbing several financial institutions and laundering the proceeds through area casinos, according to KTTN.

Original Story:

The infamous Kansas City Chiefs Superfan, widely known as “ChiefsAholic,” who had been evading authorities for months, has finally been apprehended in California.

Xaviar Michael Babudar, a 28-year-old individual, is facing charges of bank theft and transporting stolen property across state lines.

Court documents reveal that Babudar stands accused of robbing the Tulsa Teachers Federal Credit Union on December 16, 2022. After being released on bond in February 2023, he removed his ankle monitor in late March, leading authorities on a manhunt that spanned several states.

The investigation conducted by the FBI uncovered evidence suggesting that Babudar had traveled extensively throughout the Midwest, targeting various banks and credit unions.

According to the affidavit, Babudar is alleged to have laundered the proceeds from the robberies through local casinos and bank accounts. This method of money laundering enabled him to conceal the illicit origins of the funds while making it difficult for authorities to trace the money back to its source.

Babudar is scheduled to appear in federal court in Sacramento, California, later on Monday today for his initial court appearance.

The prosecution will present the case to a federal grand jury to determine whether an indictment will be issued for the charges he currently faces, as well as any potential additional charges that may arise during the proceedings