Chris Paul FLIPPED OUT At DeAndre Jordan For Not Attempting An Easy Game-Winning Layup


Tied 87-87 against the Portland Trail Blazers with 2.8 seconds remaining, the Los Angeles Clippers had a chance to win in regulation. They were inbounding the basketball and had 1.7 seconds on the shot clock.

If you’re thinking, “hey, that sounds like it could get confusing for the guy running the buzzer,” you are 100 percent correct.

After Chris Paul’s runner bounced off the rim, the shot-clock horn went off, confusing everyone, including DeAndre Jordan, who was in perfect position to attempt a tip-in for the victory. Instead of attempting a shot, Jordan stood there with the ball in his hands as the clock paused at .7 before eventually running out.

Paul did not take this brain lapse in stride. He instead decided to lose his mind yelling at Jordan.

Whoa, dude. Pretty strong behavior from a guy who literally missed a short game-winning attempt seconds earlier.

It’s understandable that Paul would be irate at the situation but it really seems like Jordan’s shot wouldn’t have counted even if there hadn’t been a pause. The officials surely would have reviewed the play.*

*I am apparently the only person on the internet who feels this way. Everyone else is roasting Jordan for freezing up.

The Clippers predictably went on to lose in overtime.

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