Ciara Is Finding It Hard Not Being Able To Have Sex With Russell Wilson


Russell Wilson And Ciara started dating almost a year ago and according to both of them they are remaining abstinent. Yesterday, Cosmopolitan caught up with Ciara to see how things are going with the whole not having sex thing and let’s just say that Ciara is having a bit of a hard time not jumping all over Russ.

Via Cosmopolitan.

We’re hanging in there. I’m not gonna lie. I’m human, so it is not easy, especially when I look at him and I think he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen — that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, to be honest. I’m like, Look the other way! Look the other way!

So what do Russell Wilson and Ciara do instead of having sex? Hugs and kisses and trying really hard not to bang.

You get to hug and you get to have a nice good kiss, but you have to be careful not to go too far so you don’t end up in the place you’re trying to avoid being in. Strong, strong, strong, strong! Just the strongest resistance to temptation.

Russell better hit that before she changes her mind and decides she wants to have sex again because it sounds like she’s ready to go.

H/T The Big Lead