Cincinnati Reds Manager Bryan Price Goes On INSANE Expletive-Filled Rant With 77 (!!!) F-Bombs

Baseball managers are not happy people, particularly when their teams aren’t performing well. That certainly can be said tonight about Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price, who went on a rant for the ages ahead of his team’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Reds had lost four straight games and had not been playing great baseball, obviously, but Price was taking out his anger on the media, not his players. This was because he was upset over media reports about his team lately — on Sunday, catcher Devin Mesoraco was not with the team against the St. Louis Cardinals, and the media reported that news ahead of the game, spoiling what Price believed to be a strategic advantage by keeping his opponent in the dark. In short, Price was furious that some reporters did their job:

“I don’t know what the importance is for everyone to know if we have a player that’s not here. We don’t benefit at all from the other teams knowing we don’t have a player.”

And then he blew a fuse (he was mad at reporter C. Trent Rosecrans of The Cincinnati Enquirer), going on a five-plus-minutes rant in which he dropped 77 f-bombs:

Here’s the audio via Deadspin

or here’s a little taste for your reading pleasure.

“”The Reds did manage to beat the Brewers in tonight’s game, 6-1, so perhaps some of Price’s rage subsided. But he’s probably not going to live this one down for a long, long time, if ever.