Opposing Coach Shares Praise For CJ Stroud After Joint Practices

Texans QB CJ Stroud

Getty Image / Omar Rawlings

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel shared praise for Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud.

Stroud is expected to win the Texans’ starting job from the start of his rookie season.

At this time of year, football fans will hear plenty of praise for players on every roster around the NFL.

Fans take a lot from that coach speak even though it often doesn’t end up amounting to much by the time the regular season rolls around.

However, something we don’t hear nearly as much of during the preseason that might actually be worth listening to is coaches praising players from other teams.

Today, Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud was the recipient of some of that second kind of praise.

The Texans have been taking part in joint practices with the Miami Dolphins this week.

Today, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel told reporters that Stroud looks the part of an NFL quarterback.

“I think he is a very natural thrower that has a unique gift of ball placement,” McDaniel said (via Pro Football Talk). “He’s probably not bragging about ball placement right now because as an NFL quarterback, as a rookie, you’re in a foreign language. So even when you’re doing awesome, you’re stressed out. Your job is to deliver messages to players.

And so, he looks the part to me with the way he throws the ball. And you can tell that he has an aura of confidence. That’s exciting to see from a player.”

Stroud had a strange time during the pre-draft process as there were a wide range of evaluations on him.

There were times that he was projected to be the draft’s top pick. There were also times that the Houston Texans were expected to pass on a QB with the 2nd pick in the draft and there were questions about where Stroud would end up.

Houston Texans fans will be hoping McDaniel is right about Stroud and he can bring an end to the rough few years since Deshaun Watson decided he didn’t want to be the team’s QB anymore.