Women’s Boxing Champ Wants To Fight Jake Paul After Not Being Impressed With His Performance Vs Nate Diaz

Most Valuable Promotions/Esther Lin

Women’s boxing champ Claressa Shields thinks she can take Jake Paul.

On Saturday night, Paul went the distance with former UFC star Nate Diaz in a 10-round fight.

During the fight, the social media influencer-turned-boxer was able to drop Diaz but was not able to knock him out.

Shields, who is currently the undisputed women’s middleweight champ, called out Paul to a fight.

This isn’t the first time Shields has called out Paul.

In 2021, Shields proclaimed that she could beat Paul in a boxing match because she spars with male fighters who are better than him.

Here’s what she told TMZ at the time.

“Jake Paul is making his money, he’s doing his thing, but stay away from us real fighters,”

“And anybody out there that say ‘Oh, Jake Paul will destroy her because she’s a woman’, … I’m the greatest woman! So, no, Jake Paul won’t do nothing with me and if he think he can, he can come see me.”

Despite Shields’ trash talk, it’s highly doubtful that Jake would ever entertain a fight against her.

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