Cleveland Browns Provide Response As To Why They Haven’t Spoken To Deshaun Watson’s 22 Sexual Misconduct Accusers

Deshaun Watson

CBS Sports

  • The Cleveland Browns introduced Deshaun Watson as their new QB to the media on Friday.
  • The Browns answered questions as to why the team didn’t talk to Watson’s accusers before signing him to massive contract.
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The Cleveland Browns faced the media for the first time after the controversial signing of Deshaun Watson.

During a press conference on Friday, the Browns addressed the criticism they received for not speaking to the 22 women who accused Watson of sexual harassment.

According to Browns exec Andrew Berry, the team decided not to reach out to the women after legal counsel advised them not to because it could be seen as interfering with a criminal investigation.

We were advised by our attorneys, we were advised against reaching out directly to the 22 women out of concern that it would be concerned that it could be considered interfering with a criminal investigation.

Berry did not give a direct answer when asked if the independent investigators the Browns used to research the case spoke to the women.