The Cleveland Cavaliers Showed A Video Glorifying Domestic Violence During Game 2, And That’s Going To Be Trouble

The Cavaliers-Bulls series is heating up. Joakim Noah, who has a long history of not being too fond of Cleveland, is claiming he was spit on by a fan. As if that wasn’t enough, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones has promised to come at his neck.

Also heating up? The pressure on the Cavaliers public relations department, thanks to this ill-conceived video shown in the arena during last night’s Game 2.

Alright. I think reasonable people can agree the Cavs weren’t actively promoting domestic violence. At the same time … yeeesh. Maybe take the temperature of the room before trying out new material in public.

The video was promptly removed from Vimeo after the internet outrage machine became aware of its existence this morning. But it’s 2015. You can’t run from your mistakes.

And it’s a damn shame, too. It’s been too long since we, as a society, took a moment to appreciate Dirty Dancing. To sully it like this is disgusting.

Again, it takes a hell of a lot to touch my outrage button. But I simply can’t imagine how more than one person conceived and executed this idea without taking a moment to step back and consider the ramifications.

Hell, the Houston Rockets fired the man who ran their Twitter account for a goddamn emoji.

It’s going to be a long — and possibly last day — of work for someone in the Cavs organization today.