The Internet Suggests New Names For The Cleveland Indians After Team Announced They Were Changing Team Name This Season

The Cleveland Indians are finally changing their name after years of being criticized for being racially insensitive.

According to a report from the NY Times, the team will announce next week that they will be dropping the Indians name and will begin exploring their options to rebrand their image.

Via NY Times

It is not immediately clear what Cleveland’s exact steps will be beyond dropping the Indians name. The transition to a new name involves many logistical considerations, including work with uniform manufacturers and companies that produce other team equipment and stadium signage.

One option that the team is considering, two of the people said, is moving forward without a replacement name — similar to how the Washington Football Team proceeded — then coming up with a new name in consultation with the public.

After the name change news broke, fans immediately had suggestions for what the team’s new name should be.

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