Coach K Chased After Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe In A Rare Heated Moment And Fans Were Shocked

Coach K Goes After Michael Devoe In Tense Moment (Fan Reactions)

Getty Image / Grant Halverson

  • The Duke Blue Devils had no problems beating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 57-69 on Tuesday but the game featured an oddly heated moment
  • Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe appeared to point at Coach K and maybe say something which prompted Mike Krzyzewski to chase after the player and talk back
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The Duke Blue Devils have REALLY turned it around this year after finishing last season unranked. Coach K’s team is currently the #2 team in the land (12-1, 10-0 at home) and they had no trouble beating Georgia Tech and Michael Devoe on Tuesday 57-69.

A very odd moment came with just 6 minutes left in the game. Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe appeared to point at Duke’s legendary head coach and possibly say something that triggered Coach K. This led to Mike Krzyzewski basically chasing after Michael Devoe while shouting at him and chirping back.

Coach K is on his victory tour. Pretty much every Duke home game this season is a ceremonial sendoff for the man who led the Duke Blue Devils to 5 National Championships, 12 Final Fours, and 15 ACC tournament championships. That made this uncharacteristic moment from Coach K even stranger.

Duke’s Coach K Chirps Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe In Tense Moment

The moment between Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe and Coach K quickly went viral on Twitter (reactions below). Devoe led the Yellow Jackets with 21 points in the game and he was feeling good but that altercation clearly threw off the vibe.

After the game, Yellow Jackets coach Josh Pastner said he would discuss the incident with Michael Devoe personally but their discussion would remain private. Over on social media, a lot of people tried to guess what could’ve possibly been said to trigger the normally-reserved Coach K into an outburst.

CBB Fans React To Coach K’s Outburst On GT’s Devoe

I don’t care what Michael Devoe said or who he said it to. If Coach K was that triggered and pissed off he should’ve gone to Georgia Tech’s coach first and not chased after the player.

I say this as someone who once had his baseball coach try and fight him inside of the batting cage and the coach had to be restrained by other coaches. It was easily one of the most f’d up situations I’ve ever been in and I said nothing to set the coach off, he just flipped. Let Georgia Tech’s coach work it out with his players, Coach K doesn’t have a relationship with Michael Devoe hence why it looked so awful on tape.