Coach K Shares Touching Moment with Paul George in the Hospital

As you’re probably all aware by now, Paul George suffered a gruesome, season-ending injury suffered in Team USA’s scrimmage on Friday night. Since then the Indiana Pacers star has been in the thoughts and prayers of thousands and he underwent successful surgery for his open tibia-fibula fracture. George is expected to stay at the hospital for a few more days before returning to Indiana for intensive rehab. USA coach Mike Krzyzewski visited him in the hospital where this emotional and touching photo was taken.


Krzyzewski is no stranger to ghastly leg injuries; he had a court-side view of the grisly leg break of former Louisville guard Kevin Ware during an Elite Eight game against Duke in March 2013.
When asked about what happens next for Team USA Krzyzewski had this to say:

“Everything’s on hold right now and it should be. It would be so inappropriate for us to talk about anything else when there is a serious injury like this. There’s a brotherhood in the NBA and to me, in moments like this, family or brotherhood shows its heart, shows its depth.”

Oh and Floyd Mayweather was there too with his self-promoting swag in plain view and promoting his website in the “inspiring” Instagram photo.