Coca-Cola’s ‘Best Coke Ever’ March Madness Ad Read Has Announcers And Viewers Very Confused

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At the forefront of this year’s NCAA Tournament is The Coca-Cola Company. The carbonated soft drink manufacturer has a lot of money invested in March Madness as one of the Big Dance’s biggest sponsors.

As a result, the company’s newest product — Coca-Cola Zero Sugar — has been a large part of the broadcasts. There are a lot of commercials during breaks and even during the broadcast, the ad reads in and out of breaks are causing quite the commotion.

The ad read for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is giving both viewers and the in-game announcers fits. For starters, basketball fans are confused by the tag line and its underlying innuendo.

In addition, the in-game Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad read is causing quite the commotion in the March Madness broadcast booth.

Here is how it reads:

“Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The best Coke ever, like the G.O.A.T. — is this fact checked?”

The whole read doesn’t really make any sense and the announcers have no idea how to deliver the copy.

It has been a hilarious theme to keep an eye on throughout the NCAA Tournament and the people who have been listening at home also have their questions. What is it supposed to sound like? How is it supposed to flow? Nobody knows.

It really is quite the spectacle. Why didn’t Coca-Cola better explain the ad read? Was it intended for two people?

The entire thing has been chaotic throughout March Madness thus far. Maybe they will get things worked out for the second weekend. Maybe.