Coco Gauff Cuts Electric Promo Calling Out Internet Trolls And Haters After U.S. Open Win

Coco Gauff calls out haters after winning U.S. Open

Coco Gauff became the first American to win the U.S. Open since Sloane Stephens in 2017 and the youngest American to win the U.S. Open since Serena Williams in 1999. The 19-year-old, whose legal name is Cori, battled back after a first set loss to defeat in three sets on Saturday.

It was the first Grand Slam title of her young career.

Gauff went from a young lady dancing in the stands at the same event to a U.S. Open champion. Pretty neat!

Although Gauff is the No. 6-ranked female tennis player in the world, she does not get the respect that she deserves. There has been a lot of negativity toward her age and her ability to win at the highest level.

Coco Gauff thrives on the doubt.

All of the haters were silenced with the 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 comeback over the world No. 2. Nobody, no matter whether she wins another tournament ever again, can deny her greatness. However, at her age, it is hard to imagine that Gauff’s career is not on an upswing.

Either way, she will continue to use the doubt to feed her greatness. Gauff addressed her haters during her post-match interview and thanked them for their motivation. She wouldn’t be here without them, because — as she said — they were putting gas on her fire, not water!

Gauff has a whole career ahead of her. She is not even of legal drinking age.

And yet, despite her youth, the Florida-native has an extremely mature understanding of the role of those around her. Gauff is grateful for her team, for her supporters, and for those who came before her.

She also took the opportunity to thank her dad… while also roasting him. His reaction was priceless.

Her mom was equally as emotional.

Gauff may be young, but her understanding of the world in which she competes is wise well beyond her years. It’s a “we” not a “me” and she knows that there are always going to be people who don’t buy in.

That’s okay. Lean into the people who have your back. Let those who don’t serve as motivation.

Gauff is a U.S. Open champion and her post-match interview could not have been more perfect.


  • Thanked her camp, including her family.
  • Thanked her opponent for an incredible match.
  • Thanked her haters for the extra edge.
  • Thanked the workers behind-the-scenes in Flushing and beyond.
  • Thanked Billie Jean King for her fight for equality.
  • Chirped her father for crying on national television.

10 out of 10, no notes!

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