UFC Star Colby Covington Accuses LeBron James Of Using School As Tax Write-Off While Making Himself Look Like A ‘Good Guy’

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UFC star Colby Covington continues to take shots at LeBron James.

Last year after beating Tyron Woodley in a fight, Covington revealed his disdain for “woke athletes’ like LeBron.

“I want to dedicate this fight to all the first responders and all the military out there, this world would not be safe without you, and not these woke athletes I’m sick of spineless cowards like Lebron James”

This week Covington spoke with the Daily Wire and he went in-depth on why he hates LeBron so much. In the interview, Covington accuses LeBron of using his school as a tax write-off while making himself look a good guy in the process.

“I know firsthand, when you’re making a lot of money, you need tax write-offs, and these schools, these charities, yeah, he wants to look like a good guy on camera, like he’s doing good for the people,” “This is just a tax write-off, man, for his billion-dollar business. He needs this so he can keep all that cash in the bank. It’s not this charitable, nice guy that everybody thinks. ‘Oh, LeBron, he’s giving back to the kids.’ No, he’s just doing that so he can get a tax write-off and keep more money in the bank.”

The UFC welterweight contender goes on to call LeBron a hypocrite for constantly talking about “equality and justice” but never speaking out against China and their history of human rights violations.

“Just a big hypocrite, “He talks about his two biggest things he loves to talk about equality and justice. Where’s the equality of employing women in Chinese sweatshops to make your merchandise for millions for millions of dollars while they’re making pennies? Where’s the equality in that?

“Where’s the justice in critiquing the greatest country on God’s green Earth America but not talking about Hong Kong, not talking about the Uyghurs in China? He stays silent on everything in China because he’s a Chinese puppet master.”

It seems like Colby is making it his life’s mission to let everyone know how much he dislikes LeBron.

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